Sarah Blumenschein winner in Still Life/Floral category

Sarah Blumenschein "Sunflowers, Red Pears, Turquoise Cloth"

Sarah Blumenschein won the first place in the Still Life/Floral category of the Artist’s Magazine 26th annual competition with her pastel painting
New Mexico artist Sarah Blumenschein looks forward to the brief springtime appearance of red Bartlett pears in her local grocery store because of their beautiful red color. Sunflowers, Red Pears, Turquoise Cloth is a joyous assemblage. “I tend to try to enhance the colors and the effect of the light,” Blumenshein says. “I really like the challenge of capturing how the light bounces between things.” A systems engineer before turning her attention to art full time in 2000, the artist began experimenting with pastels in 2003. She’s found them to be the ideal medium for her, and the still life genre suits her for a similar reason. “Still life allows me to be a mom and an artist,” she says. “I can set up a still life and paint for a couple of hours, then stop and come back later.”… The Artist’s Magazine

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