Pastels – A Drawing or Painting Medium?

You can repeatedly hear question whether pastels are painting or drawing medium. In his blog Richard will not answer the question but rather give you arguments for both.

“Line is the one thing that man has created that does not exist in nature. We see light as it falls on form. Line is a type of calligraphy, or handwriting, that we created as a means of communication. Since pastel is a dry medium, kindred to charcoal and chalk, it is easy to see why it is so often associated with drawing. Many painters enjoy its ability to easily produce line and use it in a fashion closely associated to drawing. Others choose to work with it in the fashion of paint. This makes pastel a very versatile medium, providing a gamut of possibilities…” read more on Richard’s blog

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2 Replies to “Pastels – A Drawing or Painting Medium?”

  1. I have read when the pastel is used to sketch and most of the paper is exposed it is concidered a drawing, when the pastel covers the surface of all the paper it is called a painting. I like that.

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