Featured pastel artist: Karen Margulis

With the New Year and as a start of this blog I’m starting to present some of the fine pastel artists I met on the internet. The first presented artist is Karen Margulis

Karen Margulis art
Karen Margulis art

Karen Margulis received her Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Florida but started to seriously paint in 2005. Since then she has been creating a daily painting and posting it to her blog every day. Karen estimates that by now she has used and covered about a mile of paper! She paints primarily in pastels.
Painting en plein air is her passion and she goes on location whenever she can. These outdoor painting experiences help give life to her studio work. She likes to finish a painting in one sitting so that she can capture that flash of inspiration which attracted her to the subject. Karen lives in Marietta, Georgia, USA, where you can attend her continuing classes and workshops and visit open studio.

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