How to make 36.000€ with your figurative pastel painting

The “Foundation of the Arts and Artists” was founded in 2005 by architect Jose Manuel Infiesta and is based in Barcelona, Spain. The Foundation has proposed the creation of a Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art that is differentiated from many already in existence in that it provides space for contemporary artists who, for being figurative, realist or hyperrealist artists, are often excluded from other museums and collections of foundations or institutions for whom, generally speaking, the concept of “contemporary art” is synonymous with “abstraction”, “conceptualism”, etc… Since a couple of years back they have competitions of Figurative art and Sculpture. There is a single prize in the Painting Discipline of 36.000€, for sculpture 44.000€ and a fund of 120.000€ to buy work. The museum is planed to be opened in 2010 and the deadline for the competition registration is May 16th 2010. The website is in Spanish but you can find information about the Foundation and the competition rules in English. Let me know if you win :).

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