Pear and Pastel Connection

Mario Vukelic

If you love pears, there is a great place for you – visit Pearathon website. They have collection of  over 30 original paintings and the collection is growing. What is interesting to see is the amount of paintings done in pastel.  There are over half of the works in soft pastels. This is unusual since the similar online galleries have majority of the works in oils and acrylics with a few pastels. Only conclusion that comes to my mind is that pastel artists love pears :).

If you have your own painting of pears you can also submit your work, and if folks at Pearathon like it, it will end up in the gallery. Your pear painting needs to be original, and not a copy of some other work or photo, and it needs to be already somewhere on the web.

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5 Replies to “Pear and Pastel Connection”

  1. Thanks Mario for the Pearathon website info. I have submitted two of my “pear paintings” … in pastel, the other in colored pencil.

  2. Thank you so much for your mention of our growing collection of luscious pears! We appreciate all interpretations and work diligently to remain objective, while pondering the possibility that pears and pastelists have a natural mutual attraction…

  3. Actually I don’t like to eat pears at all but I do love to paint them :). I would post my pears but the 2 paintings I have are done from the photo available on the WetCanvas – not my own.

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