Featured Pastel Artist: Dianna Ponting

If you are a soft pastel artist it is very unlikely that you haven’t come across Dianna Ponting. Dianna is an award winning Canadian artist and lecturer who excels in soft pastels. She is an elected member of the Pastel Society of America and holds Senior Signature status in the Federation of Canadian Artists.
Dianna’s use of light, shadow and her ability to denote texture results in nothing less than a stunning art.
Dianna is an international artist and pastel instructor with students and patrons in both North America and Europe. If she comes close to your place don’t miss her. The list of workshops can be found on her website and you can join her Facebook fan page.
Dianna is a regular contributor to Wet Canvas and the first time I saw her work I was overwhelmed. Her ability to make realistic paintings is hard to match. You can try out her licorice candies lecture on Wetcanvas.

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2 Replies to “Featured Pastel Artist: Dianna Ponting”

  1. I had the privilage of being taught by Diana in one of her workshops here in England in 2006. Awesome teacher! Every student went away with a winner and she shared secrets that I have used in every painting since. I am hoping she returns soon. It has been too long!

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