Monet reborn: Kieron Williamson

Kieron Williamson

A seven-year-old boy is being hailed as an art genius and has drawn comparisons to Pablo Picasso. He does not like that comparison and says he would like to develop to become Monet. 🙂 Can you believe the kid? Last month Kieron’s second exhibition in a gallery in his home town of Holt, England, sold out in 14 minutes. The sale of 16 new paintings swelled his bank account by 32.000$. There are now 680 people on a waiting list for a Kieron original.
Kieron Williamson from the eastern English town of Holt reportedly has artistic skills that would be the envy of any serious painter. Here are some of his pastel and other paintings and you can read more about him in this article by ABC news and Daily Mail.

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One Reply to “Monet reborn: Kieron Williamson”

  1. Hi Mario and readers,

    Even yesterday I was searching some articles and videos about him.
    His work is indeed good, namely in terms of composition, colour and sense of perspective.

    Best regards,


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