The Blog in Focus: Artist in Pastels

The blog Artists in Pastel by Irish artist Oldenbroke has almost daily posts where he presents soft pastel artists. The blog has just passed 100 presented pastel artists. Here is what he says about the blog:
“This blog aims to be a comprehensive, international list of artists who express themselves wholly or substantially in pastel. The format is a short dataset of essential details about the artist and the site, with a type image of their style. It does not attempt to critique the artist or his/her work, but it does have remarks to make about ease of navigation, labeling of artwork, and image download – an essential learning tool for the student of pastel.”

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  1. It is very exciting to see both your blog, and the one mentioned in this post. It is a great thing to see new and well-designed platforms for demonstrating the quality and beauty of pastel work.

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