Free Soft Pastel Book by Deborah Secor

Deborah Secor is generously offering a whole soft pastel book for free. She will publish it on the newly opened blog Landscape in Pastel where she is going to post it chapter by chapter. Judging from already published materials it sounds like a good handbook for any workshop or home study. Knowing Deborah as a resourceful and eloquent teacher (search this blog for Deborah) I expect a very useful and well prepared pastel package. The first chapter is explaining basics about pastels, pastel paper, color shapers and other pastel gadgets. Looking forward to see the whole book! And Deborah, thanks for sharing!

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One Reply to “Free Soft Pastel Book by Deborah Secor”

  1. I am a beginner and just want to learn how to paint in pastel. I am drawn to this medium, I just love landscapes and want to paint them. Nature is the most wonderful gift to mankind, it is my desire to paint effectively and correctly the what I see and share it with everyone who is interested. Hoping my work will lift the spirit of others. Thank you for share your knowledge freely. Many artist want to learn but cannot afford expensive workshop and classes.

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