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B. M. Burt "I've got an idea"

The Pastel Journal is offering free download of two old articles. The first one is about Brian Mathas Burt and the second if about M. Katherine Hurley. They are offering it due to three-artist, all-pastel show in Cincinnati. This is a show with fantastic works by Brian Mathas Burt, Kay Hurley and Jay Wilford, running now through March 12.
The  most of Brian’s work will make you laugh and you can have a good fun on his website. He has surprisingly many paintings on his website and he has an active blog.
Kathrine Hurley is a landscape pastel artist that many times uses surprising colors with a fantastic results. After earning her bachelor of fine arts, Katherine studied in Italy and France and then for five years in workshops with renowned artist Wolf Kahn. If you like Kathrine’s work check out her instructional DVD .

Jay Wilford is an artist who is primarily working in oils, but likes to do pastels as well—mostly when he wants to enjoy himself.

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