The Blossom Art Competition, 2010

Joy Nguyen.

The Blossom Art Competition is an international juried art competition followed by a couple of exhibitions and a catalog with all finalists. The prospectus says that the purpose is to recognize creative achievement in current art with a floral theme and it is organized in memory of Susan Kathleen Black. To assure the quality organizers are offering $65ooo cash awards, with $25000 reserved for the best of show. For the previous 2007 competition, 970 artists from fourteen countries submitted 1,742 entries. The deadline for early entries ($40) is August 31, 2010.
In the downloadable catalog from 2008 there are couple of pastel entries by Kathy Jublou, Anne T. McGrory and Joy Nguyen. Alas, I couldn’t find anything about Joy Nguyen. Do you know if IAPS winner Cuong Nguyen has a brother? Please comment if you have some info about Joy.

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4 Replies to “The Blossom Art Competition, 2010”

  1. I’m interested in the contest rules and instructions for the Blossom Art of Flowers competition. I don’t see anything on this webpage that indicates what we who want to enter are to do.

    Thank you,


  2. Hi Brenda,

    I just gave the information about this competition on my blog. it is not me who is organizing it. Please follow the link at the beginning of this post to reach the competition website.

  3. I recently came across this blog post and want to say thank you for posting my piece from the SKB competition. I have recently begun making art again and wanted to share my blog with you, since you asked. Thanks again.

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