Featured Pastel Artist: Rita Kirkman

Rita Kirkman has been working with pastels since she was 10. She is a quick-sketch caricature artist and an award-winning pastelist and portrait painter. Rita got her Bachelor of Fine Arts at University of Dayton, OH, holds signature membership with PSA, and is a recipient of the Master Circle Award from the IAPS. When you will have an afternoon free, go check her website and a list of awards and recognitions. The latest success is honorable mention in the Pastel 100 competition. The vibrant colors and detailed strokes that make up her paintings bring to the viewer an unexpected emotional response. Those paintings featuring her children are especially sweet. Portraiture, wildlife and landscapes all benefit from the talented eye of this artist.
And… if you come across Rita at some show be nice to her and admire her work – she will soon hold a black belt in karate :).

“I’m constantly overwhelmed
by the simple beauty and uniqueness
of everyday life.
“I work to capture a moment or a feeling,
or to present an ordinary subject in a
new way.
“I want to hold the viewer a moment
longer with a sense of wonder, or
perhaps a bit of humor.
“Life is short and fast. I want to
slow down and see it.”
~Rita Kirkman

Rita’s blog

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