Sandy Askey-Adams Passionate About Pastels

Sandy Askey-Adams Natures Quietude
by Sandy Askey-Adams

The main focus of Sandy Askey-Adams work is the interpretation of nature and its moods. Embracing a poetically sensitive and gentle style, she strives to communicate a greater sense of love and peace to her viewers with each new work. She loves working in pastels for the dramatic contrasts, the rich layers of colors and the vibrant visual luminescence that can be achieved with pastels. She believes that the pastel medium will help achieve what she wishes to capture in the essence of nature. Sandy is associate member of PSA, and a signature member of Maryland Pastel Society, and her works were selected for inclusion in the book Best of America – Pastel Artists, Vol ll.

Sandy claims to be passionate about painting and especially passionate about the pastel medium. I think everyone believes her since she runs the biggest Facebook group dedicated to pastels Passionate About Pastels – National and International. The pastel artists from around the world are invited to join this group, share thoughts, ideas, suggestions on types of paper, favorite pastels, anything there is to share about pastels. Sandy and the group are trying to reach 1000 members, and if you have the Facebook account please join.

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