The Pastel 100 – Portrait and Figure 2010

I was trying to find online results of The Pastel Journal 11th annual Pastel 100 Competition but in vain. I guess the PJ has no interest to have these works published online. Therefore I decided to collect all 100 pastel works and artists on this blog. I will try to contact all Pastel 100 artists and whoever agrees I’ll exhibit their work, replacing the Winter works on left column. You can say this is my way of announcing the Spring of 2010.
The first contacted artists are from category Figure and Portrait.
Unison Pastel Award: Akiko Hoshino
Silver medal Award for Excelence: Dawn Emerson
1. Aline E. Ordman
2. William A. Schneider
3. Glen Maxion
4. Brian Freeman
5. Kathryn Hall
Honorable mentions: Rita Kirkman, Helen Kleczynski, Jian Wu, Eleanor Adam (2 works), Glenn Bernabe, September McGee, Bill Baker, Maria P. Molina, Vianna Szabo, Ardith Starostka, Edward L. Rubin

Unfortunately for some artists I could not find web presence or contact.

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