Rita Kirkman 2nd Place at Spring Expo 2010

Rita Kirkman - Bride's Maid
Rita Kirkman "Bride's Maid"

The online gallery Infinity Art Gallery hosts international, juried art exhibitions in all media. They have announced winners of the Spring Expo 2010 and the 2nd place in the 2D category went to Rita Kirkman. This time there were much less pastel works among the finalists than in the Winter Expo. I found only 2 works by Rita to be in soft pastels.

Here is what judge K. Kanayama said about Rita’s Bride’s Maid: “Under the warm sunlight, admiration toward the bride is shown in her gentle smile. A young bridesmaid wears a simple dress and a blooming flower crown on her head. Her youth is harmonizing the spring color in the background. The whole scene is in a similar color scheme that is yellow. The contrast between the relatively cool shade and the yellow light suggests her sentimental youth and the festive atmosphere around her. Beautiful harmony of light and shade is played out in this scene.

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