Invitational Pastel Exhibition in Taiwan

taiwan pastel
unknown artist

The International Pastel Artists Invitational Exhibition is open in Taipei, Taiwan from April 1st – May 2nd, 2010. The exhibition is a continued effort from the 2007 and it is organized by the National Taiwan Arts Education Center.

The  co-sponsors of this exhibition are the Pastel Society of America, a French Pastel Association (unspecified which one) and the Hawaii Pastel Association. The exhibited pastel works in this exhibition are provided by artists from different parts of the world as well as Taiwan. The anticipation of the event is that this artistic exchange will help the development of pastel art in Taiwan.

At the same time and at the same venue, a group of teachers from all over Taiwan who have great passion for pastel paintings come together to have their work exhibited at the event Pastel: Feast for Art.

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