We have reached post #100!

Thanks to you, our readers who gave support by acknowledging and appreciating our work, this blog has succeeded to reach #100 post today.

What follows is a brief summary of last 3,5 months:

  • posted 6 posts related to Old Pastel Masters
  • presented 8 great pastel artists as  “Featured Artists”
  • used opportunity to present 12 very useful pastel demos
  • mentioned close to 30 competitions and challenges (held or to come)
  • collected 15 video clips
  • averaged 5,76 post per week after going public on January 1st, 2010
  • more than 350 Facebook  fans, almost 60 Google Friend Connect  followers and over 130 daily RSS feeds
  • linked to over 100 pastel artists.

The numbers above are here to talk a little, the blog itself says much more, but the best of all is that we have learned so much and established contact with many great artists which we admire and who give us the push to work more. This is just one stop to turn back and see how much we did and to say: “It’s worth it and there is more to come… :-)”

To help us improve please answer this poll (you can select more than one choice).

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5 Replies to “We have reached post #100!”

  1. I am a facebook fan and I am so glad you are on FB. I always check your page everyday. Many Thanks! I do have one problem, I sometimes have trouble getting to the demos which I especially want to see.

  2. Casey and Linda, thanks for the support 🙂

    Linda, can you please give example of what is not working for you, maybe I can fix it. Thanks!

  3. Hi, Congrats on your 100th blog. Just discovered your blog recently and I am passionate about pastels. Your last feature of Mary Cassatt was my most favorite artist when I was very young and I am sure she guided me to pastels!… anyhow I did your poll and you state we can click more than one favorite but your poll TAKER doesn’t allow for more than one check.

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