Featured Pastel Artist: Sarah Pollock

Sarah Pollock began her artistic career as a color stylist for the Walt Disney Feature Animation. Sarah often works outdoors, directly on location, during the temperate seasons of the year. She also finds inspiration in the natural and urban scenes that she encounters while traveling throughout the United States.
She received numerous awards and her painting Homeless, Downtown DC received an Honorable Mention in the Pastel Journal’s “Pastel 100” competition in 2004. Over the past several years, Sarah has served as a board member for the Maryland Pastel Society and the Art Alliance of Central Pennsylvania where she teaches a class on color for beginning artists. She lives and works as a professional artist in the central Pennsylvania.
Sarah has a very nice blog and a website where she has a little story for almost all paintings.

Sarah Pollock

Artist’s Statement:
“I see the world with the volume turned up.
My pastel paintings are a visual diary of the people and places I observe throughout my travels. From the spectacular natural beauty surrounding my home in the central Pennsylvania mountains to the distinctive lights and personalities of cities, there’s nothing that I love more than using the vibrant medium of pastel to capture these locales and make them my own.
Light at the edge of day, near sunset or sundown, is most intriguing to me. I’m attracted to landscapes with dramatic angles, impressive skies, and natural bodies of water. In my cityscapes, I emphasize aspects of urban environments that may be overlooked as we rush through our daily routines. These paintings capture a range of subjects, from dynamic, down-the-street views to intimate portraits of anonymous individuals.”

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