Is this Cezanne done in pastel?

I have found this painting by Paul Cezanne for which Wikipedia claims to be in pastel. I’m not sure about it and maybe someone knowledgeable can help with some information. The painting hangs in The National Gallery of Art, Washington, DC. Please click on it to enlarge it and tell what you think in comment area and/or in the poll.

Paul Cézanne's Son

Is this Cezanne done in pastels?

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5 Replies to “Is this Cezanne done in pastel?”

  1. I went to the website and searched Cezanne’s work. In that site, it lists Paul Cezanne’s Son painting as an oil.
    Have a wonderful day Mario and thanks again for this wonderful site!!!
    The Northwest Pastel Society call to artists for the International Open Exhibition is now live and you can submit your entry online.

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