Featured Pastel Artist: Jerry H. Brown

Jerry Brown was born and raised in Kirksville, Missouri. He enrolled in college in 1964 with no set plan or major field of study in mind. He took several art classes, enjoyed them and was encouraged by his teachers. He soon decided to earn a degree in Art Education. After two years in the Army he earned a Masters Degree in Studio Art from The University of Missouri, Kansas City.

Jerry Brown

Jerry taught High School art for 30 years. During that time he continued to work on his art, and frequently exhibited his watercolors in local and national shows. Now retired from teaching, he is pursuing his art full time.

Jerry worked as a watercolor artist for 30 years before moving to pastels. Many of the skills he developed with watercolor have influenced the way he uses pastels. He likes to paint a variety of subjects, figurative being his favorite.

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2 Replies to “Featured Pastel Artist: Jerry H. Brown”

  1. Hi Sandy, thanks for the comment. I’m happy you like it. Jerry is great and I’m honored he accepted to be presented on this blog.
    BTW your pastels are equally beautiful 🙂

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