The Pastel 100 – Still Life and Floral

Top pastel artists in the category Still Life and Floral at The Pastel Journal 11th annual Pastel 100 Competition. Check the left column and the Gallery page for the artworks that I got permission from the artists to be published.
PJ Grand Prize Sarah Blumenschein
1. Gertrude Abramson
2. Kathy Steckel
3. Anne McGrory
4. Brian Freeman
5. Peter Seltzer
Honorable mention: Ralph (Alex) Mirrington, Sangita Phadke, Rebecca Margolese-Malin, Bob Franklin, Karen Howard, Barbara S. Groff, Jeanne Crain Leemon, Ruth C. White, Sheila M. Evans, Becky Neideffer, Tim Reilly, Jim Gunter, Maceo W. Michell, Dianna Ponting.

See the gallery with all Pastel 100 winners on this site.

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