Franz von Stuck Pastel Paintings (1863 – 1928)

Franz Von Stuck lived most of his life in Munich, Germany and attended the school of Plastic Arts and the Munich Academy. He first made his living by illustrating for numerous magazines. Eventually around 1892 he became one of the founders of the Munich Secession and his symbolist period is also of this decade. Around 1895 he began teaching at the Munich academy that he once attended. Some of his pupils at the academy included Klee, Albers, and Kandinsky.

Franz von Stuck

His paintings are full of strange, mythological creatures, femme fatales, and allegorical figures. Stuck generally remained lost to public memory until the late 1960s when a renewed interest in Art Nouveau brought him to attention once more. He is not know as a pastel artist but you will find a couple of remarkable pastel paintings in this post.

Porträt einer Dame
Porträt einer Dame 2
Tochter Mary als Spanierin
Portrait of Marie Stuck

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