Featured Pastel Artist: Monique Straub

Monique Straub is California based pastel artist with a very recognizable style. Formally trained in fine art photography, art history, illustration and painting, she works freely, unrestricted by the traditional rules and concepts. Monique paints in studio but her works are inspired and created using outdoor sketches and photographs as inspiration. Occasionally she will paint on a location. Since 2001, she has taken to painting full-time, and actively participate in juried art competitions, art festivals, daily painting groups, and various community art activities. Monique is currently a member of the “San Diego Museum of the Living Artist” and The Pastel Society of San Diego.

If you are interested in her style (like I am) here is what Monique says about it:
“MY TECHNIQUE: Usually working in series, my inspiration comes from everyday scenes that I capture with a digital camera. These photos are only my “jumping off” point, since I freehand render only rough sketches onto my paper. My rough sketches are then refined and adjusted with ink and brush, and sometimes a watercolor wash for additional background color. My color palette is decided before I begin. I make choices based on the mood of the scene, and sometimes stay within a range to complete a series.”

Artists statement:
“I enjoy painting the world with my own twist. Rather than producing textbook renditions, I choose to concentrate on emphasizing the individual character of my subject. Blending of traditional materials allows me to give unique personality to everyday scenes. I approach each of these original works as an adventure. The result is as surprising for me as I hope it is for you.”

Monique runs very active blog and you can enjoy her regular posts on Monique Straub’s Painting a Day blog.

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2 Replies to “Featured Pastel Artist: Monique Straub”

  1. Hello, very nice work. I myself practice the art, I’ve couple of examples (not pastel) on my website. I found your work in Googles pictures. Your a great Straub. I’m actually from Paris France and leave in Montreal at the moment. Monique sounds french? Cordially Alain Straub

  2. Hi Alain, Thanks for the comment, but I believe to contact Monique you should go to her website and contact her.

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