Featured Pastel Artist: Penelope Milner

Penelope Milner

Penelope Milner is a well established and distinguished artist who has produced a diverse range of work in a variety of mediums. However she has tended to work more with pastels and has exhibited both with the Pastel Society in London and at the Society de Pastellistes in Paris. Penelope is a member of the French Pastel Society and was awarded the great honor of “Maître pastelliste” in 2009. She was recently featured in the Special Pastel Edition of the French Magazine “Pratique des Arts”.
Penelope offers pastels courses in landscape and portrait technique from her studio in Catus, France. Here is how Penelope describes her work:

Penelope Milner

“Light has always been of primary interest in my work. Often the sky is merely suggested; reflected in water or in tarmac or in the violet cliffs when the sun is low. In the market scenes I am attracted to the deep reds and oranges which reflect through the parasols and cast their light on everything around. I often choose subjects which allow me to exploit this love of reflected colour; water, ice and polished surfaces. In my more recent pastels I am exploring the reflections of artificial light where the pavements are wet with rain. I am also becoming interested in conveying the sense of figures in motion. In these paintings shapes are vague and hard to decipher. People merge into the shadows forming solid or broken shapes.”

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