Deborah Bays, IAPS 17th Web Show Winner

For the first time The International Association of Pastel Societies has organized the web show and you can see it on the society website.
There were record number of entries this year, over 850, and 72 were accepted for the exhibition. The show chair was Liz Haywood-Sullivan, and jurors of selection were Lorenzo Chavez, Margaret Evans and Bill Hosner.
The judge of awards, Claudia Seymour has chosen 9 award winners from the accepted entries. Her comments about the top 5 award-winning images are included on the web site.

1. Deborah Bays
2. Brian Bailey
3. Marla Baggetta
4. Jane Christie
5. Sally Strand
HM Mary Aslin
HM Robert Carsten
HM Vianna Szabo
HM Bonnie Williams

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2 Replies to “Deborah Bays, IAPS 17th Web Show Winner”

  1. Congratulations Glenn!!! I believe I’ve seen this painting before on your site. I was examining The Laundromat for a long time and I could not figure it out how you do it. Please let me know if you some day decide to explain your process :))) You know from before that I love your work in general 🙂

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