Bill Cone Pastel Demo

According to the Internet Movie Database IMDb, Bill Cone was a production designer for a couple of Pixar’s blockbusters, but most of you will know Bill by his magical pastel landscapes.
Bill Cone studied fine art and commercial illustration in San Francisco, and the Art Center College of Design. After working as a commercial illustrator for many years, he began working for Pixar Animation Studios as a set designer on Toy Story, going on to subsequent projects as a Production Designer for A Bugs Life, Toy Story 2, and Cars. While working on A Bug’s Life he began using pastels to do lighting studies, inspired by Ralph Eggleston’s pastel work on Toy Story. For the last few years Bill invites a group of fellow artists to hike into the Sierra Nevada wilderness, with a string of mules carrying their supplies.

In his latest blog post, Bill is revealing the steps he makes in creating those landscapes.

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