Merethe Torbergsen “Raw Breakfast”

Merethe Torbergsen named this painting Raw Breakfast, and my wild guess is that she has raw eggs for breakfast after a rock concerts where she sings and plays :). Merethe is a soft pastel artist form Norway and a rock & blues guitarist and singer in a B.B. Queen & Stringmasters Inc. band.
She started with pastel painting in 2002 and she also works in graphite, charcoal and colored pencils. Her favorite subject is still life and her paintings are sometimes described as a Romantic Realism, where an artist renders everyday objects seen through her eyes. The artist aim for an emotional and personal rendering of the subjects she choose to paint. Merethe is the winner of the latest Get Dusty competition, held by the Pastel Guild of Europe, with the painting above.
You can follow her work on a blog and listen some of her music on the My Space.

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