The Pastel Society UK Annual Exhibition 2011

Roger Dellar "Line Chefs"
Roger Dellar "Line Chefs"

The following Awards were made during the 2011 Exhibition.
THE ARTS CLUB awarded to Roger Dellar
BUZZACOTT awarded to Chris Clements (Non-member)
DALER-ROWNEY awarded to Roy Wright
FRANK HERRING AND SONS awarded to Sarah Bee
ANTHONY J. LESTER awarded to Roger Dellar
JOHN LONGLEY awarded to Maureen Davies (Non-member)
PATRICIA PATTERSON awarded to Bob Last
PURCELL PAPERS awarded to Brian Gallagher
THE RANELAGH PRESS awarded to Rosa Roberts (Non-member)
BRIAN SINFIELD GALLERY awarded to Cheryl Culver
UNISON awarded to Roger Dellar
SCHMINCKE awarded to Eiko Yoshimoto

Check the 2011 Gallery here.

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