The Tree of Knowledge by Dion Pollard

Dion Pollard "Tree of Knowledge"
Dion Pollard "The Tree of Knowledge"

Dion Pollard started his artistic life at age of 13 after seeing his brother copying comic books. He started with pencil drawings but now mostly uses pastels. Dion creates colorful realistic paintings from mind and uses strong warm colors. He lives in Upper Marlboro, MD USA.
The infinity Art Gallery recently awarded 3rd place for his pastel painting The Tree of Knowledge. Here is what the juror Marcella Gillenwater nicely commented about this painting. The “Tree of Knowledge” calls for a sense of strong boldness from the artist. The movement is brilliant! I enjoy the harmony of the ripples throughout the painting, yet the straight edges of the books allow for a balance of interesting energy. The warmth and vibrant colors are in a nice measurement with the cools. This painting makes me want to jump in and pick up a book. Congratulations on a great work of art which screams for a wonderful movement in this world!

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