Main Course by Don Judah

Don Judah "Main Course"
Don Judah "Main Course"

Don Judah‘s painting First Course (in this post) was selected as an outstanding pastel painting at the November 2011 BoldBrush competition. Here is how Don describes his art.
“Art has always been my first love. My formal education in art was limited to high school and college elective classes and a few excursions into available classes in the evenings when time would permit. After my retirement from forty four years in health care, I have had the opportunity to return to drawings and painting and continue my education in art. Over the last four years I have returned to the study of art beginning with the most elementary drawing classes available. In this beginning period of my education I was fortunate to find a life drawing class that has offered me an opportunity to continue to develop my artistic talents and move into pastel figure drawing. I have a love of pastel and enjoy the process of developing a painting from a simple gesture composition, into a charcoal value drawing and finally into a finished pastel drawing. Drawing the human figure is most challenging and the most rewarding experience. The most extraordinary aspect of painting the human figure is that it is ever changing. There is always something new to be found, some subtle form or transition from one shape to another. Every person and every pose is different. The continuing challenge is to attempt to capture that special essence of every subject you draw or paint. As you may assume most of my work over the last few years is focused on figurative art. I just finished transforming a small barn into studio at my home in Napa and I plan to continue to learn and paint and appreciate the opportunity to begin a new adventure in the world of art.”

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