Love Pastels 2012

Cheryl Culver "They Hang Suspended until Winter takes them All"
Cheryl Culver

The Love Pastel is the 113th Annual Exhibition by The Pastel Society (UK) open to the public from 14-25th February 2012. During the 2012 exhibition, Members of The Pastel Society will be working in the Gallery. The Pastel Society will also run workshops during their Annual Exhibition. The exhibition is open for the non-members as well and if you would like to join this group of super class pastel artist consider to apply for the 2013 show.
The painting in this post is the Winner of the Henri Roche Pastels Award
“They hang suspended until Winter takes them all” by Cheryl Culver PS.
Katherine Tyrrell was at the exhibition and you can read a nice review together with some photos on her blog Making a Mark.

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