An Interview with Frank Federico

Frank Federico "San Diego Fantasy"
Frank Federico “San Diego Fantasy”

Frank Federico, PSA, has been working in pastel for over five decades. He is a PSA Master Pastelist, IAPS Master Circle Member, past president of Connecticut Pastel Society, and holds signature membership in many other prestigious societies. Federico was the PSA hall of fame honoree for 2012.
There is an interesting and worth reading interview with Federico in PSA annual catalog for 2012. Below is the excerpt from the interview.
What qualities do you think make for a strong/good work of art?
Balance, whether symmetrical or asymmetrical. Interesting surface quality – this gives vent to adventures in surface. Some paintings can be deadly in their unappealing flatness; some can be over-surfaced, distracting from the content of a painting. A use of value that enhances the spatial qualities and depth to a painting. Color use that emulates nature but reflects one’s own persona. Recognizing and objectively using compositional tenets, whether it be the golden section, Feng Shui, or the seesaw principle of balancing around a central point.. This can help create well organized paintings or conversely open the door to departure from the stultifying aspects of the same principles.

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