Pastel Scraping by Serge Feeleenger

Let me know how would you call this way of archiving pastel work, if you watched the video to the end. Have you ever archive it this way :)?

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5 Replies to “Pastel Scraping by Serge Feeleenger”

  1. No, never have and doubt I ever will. It was interesting to say the least but I just found myself thinking he’d shortened his life and his dog’s life by quite a bit when he blew it all over his livingroom.

  2. Hi Mario,

    Interesting I posted this on Pastel Artists UK as an example of what NOT to do – spraying and blowing pastel dust at the wend of the video – not by any means a new technique. The hazards of breathing in pastel fumes and any other fine dust are well known.

  3. I can appreciate the artists technique of pastel painting. It was really beautiful until it was destroyed by being blown away. This is not a new concept, artists have been purposefully documenting deliberate destruction of their work for a long time. The question is, “is the artwork archival?” Yes it is, the fact that it was captured on video deems it archival.

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