Newsletter: the Pastel Scribbler, April 2010

The Pastel Guild of Europe published the April issue of the Pastel Scribbler. This is a free newsletter dedicated to a soft pastel art and is gathering European pastel artists. You can find old issues here and if you like it you can subscribe at the bottom of the PGE home page. New formula Derwent … Continue reading Newsletter: the Pastel Scribbler, April 2010

Still-Life the Colourful Way

Whether you are a blooming artist exploring the world of soft pastels or you are an established master pastelist, here is a great lesson, or better to say many great lessons which can open up a new way of painting, or it can enrich your style. This online lesson was given by Charlotte Herczfeld on … Continue reading Still-Life the Colourful Way

Hello Lamppost

Charlotte Herczfeld, an artist from Sweden guides us through process of painting one of her beautiful colorful pastel paintings. “The title of this painting is from an Simon & Garfunkle song, the one that makes you feel grooooo-vy. Coming back into the studio after a break, I thought “Hello Lamppost”, and then the song looped … Continue reading Hello Lamppost

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