The Cookbook with Pastel Paintings

Marie-France OOsterhof Cookbook
Marie-France OOsterhof Cookbook

The readers of this blog might remember French pastel artist Marie-France OOsterhof as a winner of the several Get Dusty challenges. In this unique style cookbook Marie-France reveals little secrets for lovely dinners with family and friends. There are 20 simple recipes illustrated with her own original pastel artworks. Marie-France was the top 100 in the most famous amateur cooking contest in France. Written in both French and English, this is a small, exclusive print edition, signed by the author.
For more details and to order the book, contact artist through her website.

Newsletter: the Pastel Scribbler, Feb 2013

Mario Vukelic Physalis blue
Mario Vukelic “Physalis blue”

The Pastel Guild of Europe announced the winner of the Winter “Get Dusty” Challenge. I’m happy and honored that this time it is me. You can follow my art journey at my new blog Colored by Mario.
The latest beautifully redesigned Pastel Scribbler is bringing a few interesting articles for pastel artists.

  • Get Dusty Winter Challenge results
  • Meet Get Dusty Winner Mario Vukelic
  • Workshop experience with Elizabeth Blass
  • You are the boss!

You can find old issues here and you are welcome to subscribe at the bottom of the PGE home page.

Pastelagram 2012

Duane Wakeham "“Portrait of Flora"

Duane Wakeham "“Portrait of Flora"
Duane Wakeham ““Portrait of Flora”

Pastelagram is a publication by Pastel Society of America and is published each February, featuring reproductions of the best in current pastel artistry, highlights of the most recent Annual Exhibition, and articles by noted PSA members, who discuss their experiences, style and method of working. The featured artist in the 2012 issue are Liz Haywood Sullivan, Ray Hassard, Isabelle V. Lim, Gwenneth Barth-White, Jen Evenhus and Julene Baker-Smith.
Frank Federico is Hall of Fame Honoree 2012, and as the Pastel Journal editor Anne Hevener is the “Friend of Pastel” 2012 honoree.


Elements of Painting with Crayons by John Russell

Here is the link on Google books to “Elements of Painting with Crayons” by John Russell from 1700s. It is an interesting booklet on 40 pages, especially when you consider when it was written. Do not expect fancy color paintings and be prepared to many spelling errors, most likely due to book digitizing software. Russell explains drawing basics, pastel application, approach to painting portraits and drapery. The last section covers materials and explains how to mix your own pastels.
Here are some excepts that might ignite your curiosity 🙂

“When the Student paints immediately from the life it will be most prudent to make a correct Drawing of the Outlines on another paper the size of the Picture he is going to paint which he may trace by the preceding method because erroneous strokes of the sketching Chalk will prevent the Crayons from adhering to the paper.”
“The Student will find the sitting posture with the box of Crayons in his lap the most convenient method for him to paint. The part of the Picture he is immediately painting should be rather below his face for if it is placed too high the arm will be fatigued.”
“Brilliant greens are produced with great difficulty. In Switzerland they have a method of making them far superior to ours. We usually take yellow Oker and after grinding it with spirits mix it with the powder of Prussian blue then temper it with a knife and lay the Crayons on the Chalk without rolling them.”

PastelNews Painting Challenge

Participate to win a new book by Maggie Price. All participants get a free digital issue of The Pastel Journal.
I’m sure most of the pastel artist have already heard about the new book Painting Light and Shadow with Pastels by Maggie Price. Rather than providing a one-size-fits-all recipe for painting light, this book shows you how to capture the particular ambient qualities of any scene before you, be it a gloriously clear morning, a rainy afternoon, or the joyful dance of sunlight on water. Master pastelist Maggie Price, together with five contributing artists, explores different styles, approaches and subjects, including landscapes, water scenes and people.

If you would like to play with light and shadow and share your work with us here is the pastel painting challenge for you.

  1. Download and read chapter one The Basic Principles of Light and Color.
  2. Choose any of the paintings from this chapter or use your own reference.
  3. Make a soft pastel painting with the clearly visible play of the light and shadow.
  4. Upload your painting to the Pastel News Facebook page by end of August 2011.
  5. I will chose one of the participants randomly to win a paper copy of the book.
  6. All participants get a free digital issue of The Pastel Journal.
  7. Your work and link to your site will stay on the Facebook page and in the Gallery on this website.

If you don’t have a Facebook account you can e-mail your work to

The Basic Principles of Light and Color’ is an excerpt from Painting Sunlight & Shadow with Pastels copyright (c) 2011 Maggie Price. All materials used by permission of F+W Media. All rights reserved

Newsletter: the Pastel Scribbler, Feb 2011

The Pastel Guild of Europe published the February issue of the Pastel Scribbler. This is a free newsletter dedicated to a soft pastel art and is gathering European pastel artists. You can find old issues here and if you like it you can subscribe.
Meet the Get Dusty winner: Isabelle Renoncet
Meet Johannes Vloothuis, landscape teacher
Northern Light — meet German artist Astrid Volquardsen
DVD review: Dawn Emerson paints Ghat Women.

An Interview with Harley Brown

Harley Brown
Harley Brown

The August issue of the Pastel Scribbler is bringing an interview with Harley Brown. Harley is Canadian artist best known for his pastel portraits of Native American Indians and other characters of the Wild West. He is author of sold out bestsellers Confessions of a Starving Artist, Eternal Truth’s for Every Artist and Inspiration For Every Artist and is a regular contributor to International Artist Magazine. He is one of the living legends of the Soft Pastel Art and I warmly recommend reading this inspiring, 12 pages long interview.

Newsletter: the Pastel Scribbler, June/July 2010

Steffi Decker "Sammy"
Steffi Decker "Sammy"

The Pastel Guild of Europe has published the June/July issue of the Pastel Scribbler. This is a free newsletter dedicated to a soft pastel art and is gathering European pastel artists. Please note the new website address

  • Meet the June Get Dusty winner: Steffi Decker
  • PanPastel Artists? Colors
  • Challenge: Composition in the landscape
  • Street Painting with Pastels
  • The French pastellist society – La Société des Pastellistes de France
  • Gallery of recent paintings by members
  • Composition and Design Matters – Tiziano and Rubens

Franch Magazine “Pratique des Arts” Special Pastel Edition

J.F. Le Saint
J.F. Le Saint

The prestigious French art magazine Pratique des Arts has today published a special edition dedicated to pastel artist around the world. Some of the published artists are listed below. The magazine is accompanied with a DVD.
Claude Texier (FRA),
Cynthia Blair (USA),
Nathalie Picoulet (FRA),
Penelope Milner (GB),
Jean-François Le Saint (FRA),
Sergueï Oussik (RUS),
Claude Bauret-Allard (FRA),
Marie-Élise Larène (FRA),
Mickael Norman (GB)
Linda Gross Brown (USA).

Newsletter: the Pastel Scribbler, May 2010

The Pastel Guild of Europe published the May issue of the Pastel Scribbler. This is a free newsletter dedicated to a soft pastel art and is gathering European pastel artists. You can find old issues here and if you like it you can subscribe at the bottom of the PGE home page.

  • Announcing a new competition for Apprentice Members.
  • Get Dusty Winner: Susan Cottrell from Wales, UK.
  • The Sealed Package Framing by Marie-France Oosterhof.
  • Traveling Europe and Painting with Pastels by Steven Hill, USA.
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