Pastel Artists Canada Annual Online Exhibition

Kathy Hildebrandt "Things Go Better With"
Kathy Hildebrandt “Things Go Better With”

Pastel Artists Canada 4th Annual Member Juried Online Exhibition December 2016
Juror: Roberta Combs PAC, MPAC

Award Winners:
First Place: Kathy Hildebrandt
Second Place: Jessica Masters
Third Place: Kristen Vignal
Honorable Mentions Beth Bouffard
Honorable Mentions Maria Ivanova
Honorable Mentions Catherine Sheppard

All accepted entries can be found on the Pastel website

ASPAS 3rd Online competition 2016

“Decadencia de Venus” by Belloso Adorna Ruben, 121 x 141 cm


The third international biennial exhibition hosted by Spanish Pastel Society ASPAS, was held  in Oviedo, Spain.  Special guests of honor were 10 Chinese pastelists who exhibited their paintings. The above painting “Decadencia de Venus” by Belloso Adorna Ruben was awarded with the first place. Check our gallery for other winning paintings and visit Spanish society for more information about the exhibition and the  event.

The Pastel Society UK – Annual Exhibition 2015

Jan Munro - Red Chair and Apples
Jan Munro – Red Chair and Apples

The Pastel Society’s 116th Annual Exhibition is open at the Mall Galleries.
I never understood the connection between the award category and the sponsor names and thus I’ll skip the award names. To see the awarded works check the gallery below.
Mike Clapton,
Michael Norman PS,
Felicity House PS,
Joanne Last,
Caroline Bays PS,
Jan Munro,
Tony Allain
Matthew Draper PS,
Christine Watson,
Jenny Smith,
Melodie Cook,
Barry Freeman,
Richard Turner,
Liz Balkwill,
Jaana Fowler,
Qiaoxi Chen.

For the extensive exhibition report please check Making a Mark blog.

The Pastel Society UK Open Exhibition 2015

The Pastel Society Digital Pre-Selection closes on December 5th 2014! Go to and submit your entry!
Pre-Selection Notification: 12 December 2014.
There are a number of prizes and awards available to win, including: NEW for 2015: £5,000 Zsuzsi Roboz Prize for artists aged 35 and under.
Minimum price: £300

Enjoy the gallery of works from 2014.

“Pastel 100″ winners for 2015

Dianne Rudnick Mann "8 or 9 Glass Bowls", First Place in the Still Life category
Dianne Rudnick Mann “8 or 9 Glass Bowls”, First Place in the Still Life category

Congratulations to all 100 finalists and award winners in the Pastel Journal’s 16th Annual Pastel 100 Competition!!!! The grand prize winners are:
Simone Bingemer, Pastel Journal Best of Show
Stan Bloomfield, Pastel Journal Award of Excellence.
Lisa Ober, The Ruth Richeson/Unison Pastel Prize.
Joe Mac Kechnie, Richeson/Unison Pastel Gold
Zhu Wenlin, Richeson/Unison Pastel Silver.

Landscape & Interior Winners
1. Leoni Duff, 2. Christine Debrosky, 3. Patricia Meras, 4. Colette Odya Smith, 5. Marianna MacDonald. Honorable Mentions, Jan Frank, Brian Sauerland, Jeanne Rosier Smith, Linda Mutti, Willo Balfrey, Don Rantz, Mike Barrett Kolasinski, Jane McGraw-Teubner, Ted Fuka, Bud Edmondson, Katrina Thorstensen, Jennifer L. Hoffman, Don Williams, Nancy Nowak, Jennifer Evenhus, Arne Borring, Frederick D. Somers, Helen Kleczynski, Jacob Aguiar, Chistine Ivers, M. Katherine Hurley, Patsy Lindamood, Kim Morin Weineck, Anthony Davis.

Portrait & Figure Winners
1. Susanne Mull, 2. Alain Picard,, 3. David Wells, 4. Christine Obers, 5. Gaela Erwin. Honorable Mentions, Andrew Bartos, Gwenneth Barth-White, Cristen Miller, Candace Grieve, Christine Swann, Laurent Botella, Sharon Allicotti, Amber-Rose Hulme, Bill Kaufmann, Tina Moore, Sylvia Nitti, Ryan Bradley, Harry Burman, Sandra Kuck, Jane Radstrom, Neva Rossi Smoll, William Schneider,

Still Life & Floral Winners
1. Diane Rudnick Mann, 2. Randy Carden, 3. Kari Tirrell, 4. Jacqueline Meyerson, 5. Donna Timm.
Honorable Mentions, Yael Maimon, Jeanie Schlump, Gail Faber, Phil Kidd, Lisa Ober, Jennifer Evenhus, Robin Frisella, Sarah Blumenschein, Maggie Whitney, Christine Mikesell-Bidwell.

Animal & Wildlife Winners
1. Yael Maimon, 2. Laura Talbot, 3. Sharon Bamber, 4. Carmen Griehl-Gross, 5. Anne Marie Propst. Honorable Mentions, Marla Rush Parnell, Resa Grogan, Sharon Bamber, Brian Brigham, Sue Gombus, Roberta Combs, Jean Terry, Deborah LaFogg Docherty, Nancy MacDonald, Cindy House.

Abstract & Non-Objective Winners
1. Colette Odya Smith, 2. Mel Grunau, 3. Bre Barnett Crowell, 4. Janice Wall, 5. Arlene Richman. Honorable Mentions, Anna Wainright, Jack Jung, Loreta Feeback, Frederick D. Somers, Bernadette deCesare.

“Pastel 100” winners for 2014

Jennifer Evenhus "Summer Pasture"
Jennifer Evenhus “Summer Pasture”

Congratulations to all 100 finalists and award winners in the Pastel Journal’s 15th Annual Pastel 100 Competition!!!!
The grand prize winners are:
David Wells, Pastel Journal Best of Show
Helen Kleczynski, The Ruth Richeson/Unison Pastel Prize
Ray Hassard, Pastel Journal Gold,
Peter Seltzer, Pastel Journal Silver
Jennifer Evenhus, Pastel Journal Bronze

The April 2014 Pastel Journal issue will present all 100 winning paintings, but if you like to see some in advance visit Soft Pastel News Facebook page. Please find the complete list of winners on the Pastel Journal Blog.
The following is the list of all artist in alphabetical order:
Alain J. Picard, Amanda Harrison, Andrew McDermott, Anna Wainright, Arlene Richman, Aurelio Rodriguez López, Barbara Jaenicke, Barbara Mason, Barbara Szkutnik, Bill Shaffer, Carolyn Robles, Christine Debrosky, Christine Swann, Clarence Porter, Claudia Post, Cuong Nguyen, David Wells, Debora Stewart, Dennis Linn, Don Williams, Dug Waggoner, Elena Kukushkina, Elizabeth Ganji, Fang Lian, Genady Arkhipau, Glen Maxion, Gwenneth Barth-White, Helen Kleczynski, J. Kay Gordon, Jane Ditri, Jane Radstrom, Jane Willis Taylor, Janis Ellison, Jean Dalton, Jeanne Rosier Smith, Jennifer Evenhus, Jennifer L. Hoffman, Jill Stefani Wagner, John Philbin Dolan, Jude Valentine, Judy Evans, Julia Lesnichy, Karen Israel, Karen Suponski, Kari Tirrell, Kath Dunne, Kathleen Newman, Kathryn Hall, Kathy Hildebrandt, Lijing Yang, Linda Mutti, Lisa Ober, Lyn Asselta, M. Katherine Hurley, Marcia Holmes, Margaret Evans, Margaret Williams-McGowan, Margi Lucena, Merethe Torbergsen, Mike Barret Kolasinski, Mike Beeman, Nancie King Mertz, Nancy Bozeman, Nancy Nowak, Pat Ross Marx, Patricia Meras, Patsy Lindamood, Penny Soto, Peter Seltzer, Ray Hassard, Resa Grogan, Roberta Combs, Sandy Bonney, Sandy Byers, Sharon Bamber, Shireesh Dharap, Sonja A. Kever, Stan Bloomfield, Steffi Decker, Sue Gombus, Susan Lampinen, Svetlana Cameron, Tom Christopher, Trilby Wood, Victoria Ryan, Yael Maimon.

Michele Poirier-Mozzone, IAPS 21st Web Show Winner

The International Association of Pastel Societies (IAPS) organized twenty-first juried web exhibition. It is officialy on display from December 15 2012 till June 15, 2013, but unofficially much much longer.
Jurors of Selection were Barbara Courtney Jaenicke, Aaron Schuerr, Jeanne Rosier Smith, and the judge of Awards was Marla Bagetta.
To see the winning paintings click on the artist name.
1. Michele Poirier-Mozzone
2. Nancy Nowak
3. Barbara Benedetti Newton
4. Sandra Burshell
HM Julia Patterson
HM Gail Sibley

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