Patrick Martin – Still Life Demo

Patrick Martin

French artist Partick Martin was born in 1951 in Pavillons-sous-Bois near Paris. He received multidisciplinary education at the “Ecole Superieure des Arts Appliques et des Metiers d’Arts”. Today he is a professional pastel artist and teacher. He is also a master member of the Societe des Pastellistes de France. On his bi-lingual website Patrick is providing very good step by step demonstrations.

Youtube demo by Marsha Savage

I have already posted about the pastel artist Marsha Savage. Now I’m adding 2 of her video clips from the youtube to my pastel video collection (see the right column). On the first 15 minute clip which is split in part 1 and part 2 we can follow Marsha through the whole process of painting the pastel landscape from a reference photo. On the limited palette demo Marsha is using palette of 14 colors for her landscape.

The Winter Landscapes in Soft Pastel

Liz Haywood-Sullivan "Daybreak"

I’m starting to present artists who paint Winter landscapes in soft pastels. Just to make it clear, since the Winter looks different in southern California than the one in Sweden I’ll be presenting only snow winters. The gallery with the links to the artists will be on the left column. The paintings that were so far presented should end up in the January gallery as soon as I figure out how to do that in the WordPress.
There are couple of demos and instructions how to paint snow and winter landscapes and I’m recommending the WetCanvas class by Deborah Secor and demos by Tom Christopher demo1 demo2 demo3.

Still-Life the Colourful Way

Mario Vukelic "Color glass"
Mario Vukelic "Color glass"

Whether you are a blooming artist exploring the world of soft pastels or you are an established master pastelist, here is a great lesson, or better to say many great lessons which can open up a new way of painting, or it can enrich your style. This online lesson was given by Charlotte Herczfeld on the forum and was commented by many artists. The post thread is very long and this index will help you find your way through a lot of useful information. The lesson in that thread is based on the work and teachings of Susan Sarback. If you don’t know Susan it is enough to say that the International Artist Magazine named Susan one of the Master Painters of the world. To learn more about her teachings I recommend you read her book Capturing Radiant Light and Color in Oils and Soft Pastels.

Step by Step Demo – Maggie Price

Maggie Price Aspen
Maggy Price "Aspen"

Maggy Price shares with us a demo on painting rocky mountains The reference photo was taken high in the Sandia Mountains.

“I worked on an 18×24 Richeson Premium Pastel surface, black, on Gatorfoam. It’s one of my favorite surfaces. I love the richness of the color applied on the black, though there’s a danger of getting the whole painting too dark. In one of the later steps, you’ll see the background mountains lighten a little; that’s when I realized they were too dark to recede properly. What intrigued me about the subject was the contrast of those rocky cliff-like mountain sides against the aspen and scrub oak…” read more

Hello Lamppost

Hello Lamppost
Charlotte Herczfeld "Hello Lamppost"

Charlotte Herczfeld, an artist from Sweden guides us through process of painting one of her beautiful colorful pastel paintings.

“The title of this painting is from an Simon & Garfunkle song, the one that makes you feel grooooo-vy. Coming back into the studio after a break, I thought “Hello Lamppost”, and then the song looped inside my skull for three whole days. The location is in my home town, Stockholm, in Sweden. Here, I decided to make the glorious yellow and orange foliage to be the backdrop for the bridge and the lamppost…” Charlotte Herczfeld blog

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