PastelNews Painting Challenge

Participate to win a new book by Maggie Price. All participants get a free digital issue of The Pastel Journal.
I’m sure most of the pastel artist have already heard about the new book Painting Light and Shadow with Pastels by Maggie Price. Rather than providing a one-size-fits-all recipe for painting light, this book shows you how to capture the particular ambient qualities of any scene before you, be it a gloriously clear morning, a rainy afternoon, or the joyful dance of sunlight on water. Master pastelist Maggie Price, together with five contributing artists, explores different styles, approaches and subjects, including landscapes, water scenes and people.

If you would like to play with light and shadow and share your work with us here is the pastel painting challenge for you.

  1. Download and read chapter one The Basic Principles of Light and Color.
  2. Choose any of the paintings from this chapter or use your own reference.
  3. Make a soft pastel painting with the clearly visible play of the light and shadow.
  4. Upload your painting to the Pastel News Facebook page by end of August 2011.
  5. I will chose one of the participants randomly to win a paper copy of the book.
  6. All participants get a free digital issue of The Pastel Journal.
  7. Your work and link to your site will stay on the Facebook page and in the Gallery on this website.

If you don’t have a Facebook account you can e-mail your work to

The Basic Principles of Light and Color’ is an excerpt from Painting Sunlight & Shadow with Pastels copyright (c) 2011 Maggie Price. All materials used by permission of F+W Media. All rights reserved

Tips for the Soft Pastel Artists

Casey Klahn rock pastel landscape
Casey Klahn

Liz Haywood-Sullivan is talking how to clean the anti-reflective or museum glass – by using mix of plain water and alcohol. Blog.
Casey Klahn is giving us several methods how to reclaim Sennelier La Carte pastel paper. One of the ideas is to use Turpenoid – It’s not that I don’t trust Casey but I will first have to try this one out. The painting in this post shows Casey’s work in Pastel & Charcoal on re-claimed La Carte Paper.
An interview with popular instructor Richard McKinley will appear in the July/August 2010 issue of The Artist’s Magazine. The portions of the interview that didn’t fit in the print version of the magazine are posted on the magazine’s blog.
On the blog Artist in Pastel, there is an example of how to use Photoshop as a tool for analyzing a complex photo, and simplifying the painting process.

Mike Mahon’s Pastel Demo

by Mike Mahon

Mike Mahon paints the colors and people of Texas, Northern New Mexico, and Mexico. His landscapes, portraits, and slice-of-life vignettes depict a taste for the unusual scenes, expressions, and moments. His impressionistic style adds depth and a surprising realism of light and shadow to his paintings. Mike’s paintings have earned numerous awards and recognitions. He was one of the featured artists in the 2004 edition of 100 Ways to Paint People and Figures, published by International Artist Magazine and here you can see the page with Mike’s painting and the explanation of the process he used. He is a Signature member of the the Pastel Society of America and Lone Star Pastel Society.
On his website Mike is offering a demo of a landscape painting.

Patrick Martin – Still Life Demo

Patrick Martin

French artist Partick Martin was born in 1951 in Pavillons-sous-Bois near Paris. He received multidisciplinary education at the “Ecole Superieure des Arts Appliques et des Metiers d’Arts”. Today he is a professional pastel artist and teacher. He is also a master member of the Societe des Pastellistes de France. On his bi-lingual website Patrick is providing very good step by step demonstrations.

Free Soft Pastel Book by Deborah Secor

Deborah Secor is generously offering a whole soft pastel book for free. She will publish it on the newly opened blog Landscape in Pastel where she is going to post it chapter by chapter. Judging from already published materials it sounds like a good handbook for any workshop or home study. Knowing Deborah as a resourceful and eloquent teacher (search this blog for Deborah) I expect a very useful and well prepared pastel package. The first chapter is explaining basics about pastels, pastel paper, color shapers and other pastel gadgets. Looking forward to see the whole book! And Deborah, thanks for sharing!

Youtube demo by Marsha Savage

I have already posted about the pastel artist Marsha Savage. Now I’m adding 2 of her video clips from the youtube to my pastel video collection (see the right column). On the first 15 minute clip which is split in part 1 and part 2 we can follow Marsha through the whole process of painting the pastel landscape from a reference photo. On the limited palette demo Marsha is using palette of 14 colors for her landscape.

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