The Pastel Journal: The First 10 Years

Pastel Journal 10

Pastel Journal 10The Pastel Journal: The First 10 Years 1999-2008 CD/DVD. On this single disc (DVD format), you’ll find an entire library of the first 10 years of The Pastel Journal (1999-2008). That’s 59 issues featuring more than 4,600 pages of pastel inspiration, instruction and painting ideas—all searchable by keyword. View it on your home computer, take it with you on your laptop or print articles to use in your studio. Issues are in PDF format, making them viewable on both PC and Mac with Acrobat Reader 6.0. It is sold for $79.99 at North Light Books webstore.


Edgar Degas, Swaying Dancer (Dancer in Green)

The original of this paining is located in the Museo Thyssen-Bornemisza, Madrid. This is one of the entries in the Googles Art Project and you can check incredible details on this link.

Degas was fascinated by the world of ballet; hence, it figured prominently in many of his paintings. Here, the group of dancers is depicted in mid-performance, as viewed from an upper side box. Only one of the girls in green is shown full-length, captured as she executes a swift, complicated turn. The other figures are cropped, leaving the viewer to imagine the rest. In the background, a number of ballerinas dressed in orange stand against the landscape scenery, awaiting their turn. Degas’ use of a cropped, off-centred pictorial space was influenced by photography and by Japanese prints. He felt that the unfinished, transitory nature of reality could only be conveyed using a fragmented technique. Here, the fleeting nature of the movements is captured with rapid pastel strokes, applied with immense skill.

Google Art Project

Google has made a new tool where you can see more than 1,000 works of art in extraordinary detail. They used a camera-carrying trolley to create 360-degree pictures of 17 galleries, including The Metropolitan Museum of Art and MoMA in New York, The State Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg, Tate Britain & The National Gallery in London, Museo Reina Sofia in Madrid, the Uffizi Gallery in Florence and Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam. The viewers can focus on certain works and get close enough to see individual brushstrokes. Art Project also allows viewers to create their own galleries, saving views of pieces from different museums.

Judy’s Pastel Tutorials

Judy is a pastel artist who is behind a blog iwant2draw and a youtube channel with many pastel tutorials. There are many interesting subjects, and if you like Yoda from Star Wars, Iron Man, Manga characters or want to know how to enhance your pastel painting with a Photoshop, check the blog. Her video below is a pastel drawing of Canadian pop singer Justin Bieber.

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