IAPS 20th Juried Exhibition

The International Association of Pastel Societies (IAPS) held 20th juried exhibition in Brea, California, during August/September 2012.
Jurors of selection were Mike Beeman, Christine Debrosky, Maggie Price and the Judge of Awards was Jennifer Hoffman. To see the winning paintings click on the artist name.

Prix de Pastel Jeanne Rosier Smith
Gold Award John Philbin Dolan
Silver Award Edward D. Kennedy
Bronze Award Frederick D. Somers
HM Barbara Courtney Jaenicke
HM Liz Kenyon
HM Vianna Szabo
HM Jeanne Ciravolo.

Love Pastels 2012

Cheryl Culver "They Hang Suspended until Winter takes them All"

Cheryl Culver "They Hang Suspended until Winter takes them All"
Cheryl Culver

The Love Pastel is the 113th Annual Exhibition by The Pastel Society (UK) open to the public from 14-25th February 2012. During the 2012 exhibition, Members of The Pastel Society will be working in the Gallery. The Pastel Society will also run workshops during their Annual Exhibition. The exhibition is open for the non-members as well and if you would like to join this group of super class pastel artist consider to apply for the 2013 show.
The painting in this post is the Winner of the Henri Roche Pastels Award
“They hang suspended until Winter takes them all” by Cheryl Culver PS.
Katherine Tyrrell was at the exhibition and you can read a nice review together with some photos on her blog Making a Mark.

Northwest Pastel Society International Open Exibition

Elizabeth Mowry "Reflecting Moon"

Elizabeth Mowry "Reflecting Moon"
Elizabeth Mowry "Reflecting Moon"

Northwest Pastel Society is having 26th Annual International Open Exhibition. If you would like to participate the prospectus is available on the Society’s website. Couple of the show details
Where: The American Art Company
Address: 1126 Broadway, Tacoma, WA
When: May 5 – June 16, 2012
Awards: Best of Show $1,200
Entry deadline: March 1st, 2012
Show Co-Chairs are Janice Wall and Bonnie Griffith.
Juror: Elizabeth Mowry
To get the inspiration visit the gallery from 2010 International Show.

William A. Schneider, IAPS 19th Web Show Winner

The International Association of Pastel Societies (IAPS) has organized the second web show and you can see it on the society website.
The show chair was Paula Ann Ford, and jurors of selection were Alain Picard, Christine Ivers, Phil Bates. The Judge of Awards was Denise LaRue Mahlke. To see the winning paintings click on the artist name.

1. William A. Schneider
2. Dan Michael
3. Kim Lordier
4. Marj Lightle
5. Jennifer Rowe
HM: Mary Aslin
HM: Daggi Wallace
HM: Margaret Dyer
HM: Jeannette Cuevas

Dominique Bisson Winner of Les Pastellistes International 2011

Dominique Bisson "Le temps des lilas"

Dominique Bisson "Le temps des lilas"
Dominique Bisson "Le temps des lilas"

Pastel Society of Eastern Canada 16th edition of Les Pastellistes International Exhibition selected by jury was held from November 4th to 13th, 2011. The top prizes were awarded to the following artists
1. Dominique Bisson, Le temps des lilas (see the painting above)
2. Carmen Caron-Lafrance, Artifices
3. Danielle Richard, Petite fleur
4. Siddick Nuckcheddy (île Maurice), Solitude sinistre
5. Mary Dorland, Here Come the Brides

PSA’s 39th Annual Pastels Only Exhibition

Jimmy Wright

The Pastel Society of America held the 39th Annual Pastels Only Exhibition. There were close to 50 awarded artists. Top Award Winners, with prices over 1500$ were:
Jimmy Wright – PSA Founders Award given by The Flora B. Giffuni Foundation.
Bob Palevitz – Jack Richeson & Co. Award.
Theresa Emmett Allison – Art Spirit Foundation Dianne B. Bernhard Gold Medal Award.
Robert Carsten – The Flora B. Giffuni & Joseph V. Giffuni Memorial Award.
Tim Solliday – Great American Artworks – “Full Monty” Award.
Daniel E. Greene – Herman Margulies Award for Excellence.

Follow this link to see all top price winning works.

The Pastel Society UK Annual Exhibition 2011

Roger Dellar "Line Chefs"

Roger Dellar "Line Chefs"
Roger Dellar "Line Chefs"

The following Awards were made during the 2011 Exhibition.
THE ARTS CLUB awarded to Roger Dellar
BUZZACOTT awarded to Chris Clements (Non-member)
DALER-ROWNEY awarded to Roy Wright
FRANK HERRING AND SONS awarded to Sarah Bee
ANTHONY J. LESTER awarded to Roger Dellar
JOHN LONGLEY awarded to Maureen Davies (Non-member)
PATRICIA PATTERSON awarded to Bob Last
PURCELL PAPERS awarded to Brian Gallagher
THE RANELAGH PRESS awarded to Rosa Roberts (Non-member)
BRIAN SINFIELD GALLERY awarded to Cheryl Culver
UNISON awarded to Roger Dellar
SCHMINCKE awarded to Eiko Yoshimoto

Check the 2011 Gallery here.

Sonja Kever Best of Show at APS Annual Exhibition


The Austin Pastel Society announced the winners of APS North Hills 4th Annual Exhibition. The best of show painting was Cassandra by Sonja Kever. In 2003 Sonja attended a pastel exhibit at the North Hills Gallery in Austin, Texas and was awed by the luminous medium. Having had no previous experience with pastels, she immediately began taking lessons, attending workshops and pastel exhibits. And now, couple of years after, she is the winner!!! Congratulations to Sonja and other winners!
1st in Show: Enid Wood, Between Storms,
2nd in Show: Val Walden, Fading Away,
3rd in show: Char Eppright, Oasis Sunset.
The show is on display for the rest of November, showing the works of 25 of APS member artists.

IAPS 17th Statistics

This is the basic statistics from the recent IAPS 17th web show. I will not attend to comment data since the statistics is always prone to different interpretations. The great majority of the PSA members also have their local pastel societies and that is the confusing moment in this statistic, but for the simplicity sake I treat them as any other society.
72 paintings in the finals out of 850 entries.
27 Societies have representatives in the finals, out of 70 registered as IAPS member.
The Pastel Society of America is the absolute winner with 21 pastels, and 7 of those are in the top 9.
More than one painting is coming from West Coast PSWC (6), Southeastern (5), Canada (4), Colorado (3), Connecticut (3), Maryland (3), Great Lakes (2), New Mexico (2), Maine (2), Adirondack (2), San Diego (2), Mid America (2). There are 12 more societies with one representative.
66 paintings are by USA artists, 4 from Canada, 1 from Europe (Sweden), 1 from Australia.
Landscapes (22), Portrait and Figure (20), Still Life and floral (19), Animals (10), Abstract(1).
My favorite non-awarded paintings on the above collage are from Ted Fuka, Mike Beeman, Colleen Caubin and Donna Yeager.
It would be good to hear your comments on this stats and how you like the exhibited works.

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