Spotlight on Hang Mingshi

Hang Ming Shi, the Chinese artist who has been pioneering the pastel art movement in China.
The Master Hang Mingshi was recently hosting the delegation of 10 international pastel artists representing the United States, France, Spain, and Singapore. José del Riego, Aurelio Rodríguez López, Vicente Romero, Richard Mckinley, Alan Flattmann, Liz Haywood, President of the International Association of Pastel Societies, Jimmy Wright, President of the Pastel Society of America, Jason Chang, President of the North American Pastel Association, Gwenneth Barth-White, vicepresident of the Pastellistes de France and the painter – resident in Hong Kong – Isabelle V. Lim. More info about the event can be found on Richard’s Pastel Pointers blog.

Newsletter: the Pastel Scribbler, Feb 2011

The Pastel Guild of Europe published the February issue of the Pastel Scribbler. This is a free newsletter dedicated to a soft pastel art and is gathering European pastel artists. You can find old issues here and if you like it you can subscribe.
Meet the Get Dusty winner: Isabelle Renoncet
Meet Johannes Vloothuis, landscape teacher
Northern Light — meet German artist Astrid Volquardsen
DVD review: Dawn Emerson paints Ghat Women.

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The image in this post is a collage from IAPS 17th web show. Pastelists: Glen Barnabe, Betsy Kellum and Kari Tirrell

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