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  1. uuups, thanks Casey, I’m on the vacation at the moment and will take care of it when I return home 🙂
    It must be a problem with the import file I used.

  2. Do you have to be exclusively a pastelist to post a link? I tend to go back and forth between pastels and oils depending on the subject and my mood, and have both on my web site and blog. Let me know what you think. Thanks!

    Erica Keener

  3. Hi Erica, thanks for the question!!!
    The idea of this blog is to increase the public awareness about pastels and not to limit artist to only one media. So if you like working in pastels and if you have some pastel works on your site you are more than welcome to submit your site.

  4. Tony, not just the link… You are now the featured artist on this blog. Thanks for submitting your link 🙂 🙂 🙂

  5. Hi,
    I enjoy your blog, but many weeks ago submitted my website and blog links for posting here as I am a pastel artist. At that time I posted your link on both of my sites. I now see that my sites have never been added, so I resubmitted them today (12/19/11). I would really appreciate being added. Thanks so much for considering this.

  6. Sorry for this delay Debbie 🙁
    I have a little kid and don’t have time to check new links regularly 🙂

  7. Hi–I just joined, and I am a pastel artist, or I should say (snobily) I am an artist who works in pastel. I have an important question, one I do not find addressed here as yet. I am moving and planning to transfer my studio to my apartment. I have never had a bad reaction to pastel dust, and grew up breathing that and god knows what else in my artist-father’s house. Now I am reading on the Net about all the dangers of pastel dust, which I knew about, but was not aware they were as bad as these Web warnings have indicated. They make it sound like it is radio-active. Please reply with your comments on this, and how you deal with the issue.

  8. Hi Judith,

    Thanks for leaving your website.
    On the pastel dust issue, I did not post anything since my knowledge about this is low and it is hard to judge which info on the net is correct. It is known that some pigments are poisonous, but manufacturers should not make pastels with those pigments. If you have some really old pastels, they might be risky.

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