Featured Pastel Artist: Patrick Hedges

Patrick Hedges collage

Patrick Hedges was born in Uganda, and lived for 14 years in and around East Africa. This early childhood instilled in him a love of wildlife and the outdoors. Since then he has traveled the world extensively, visiting over 50 countries. He now lives in South Australia.

Patrick Hedges

I’ve seen Patrick’s work on the WetCanvas first, where he provided beautiful  portrait step-by-step instructions like  the Old man, Chimp, Oriental lady and others. When you look at Patrick’s portfolio you see his great passion for a wildlife, but for me his human portraits are even more fascinating.
Patrick’s work is very detailed and best explained by his own words “I love detail and it’s often my wish to communicate the soul of the subject by paying special attention to the eyes and facial features. My goal with my art is to allow the viewer to feel something and for that to happen, I need to feel it first. It may be compassion, pain, love or some other emotion, but if I’ve created it, it made me feel something in the first place and I hope to convey this to the viewer”. Follow Patrick’s interesting travels and inspired art on Patrick Hedges blog.

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