Upcoming Pastel Competition Deadlines

This is the list of approaching deadlines for the pastel competitions till the end of 2010. Not all of them are pastel only competitions, but they are popular and many pastelists participate. Please feel invited to comment and add more.

IAPS 2010 Web show Sep 15, 2010.
International Artist Magazine People and Figure, Sep 15, 2010.
BoldBrush Sep 30, 2010.

The Artist’s Magazine Over 60 Competition Oct 1, 2010
BoldBrush Oct 30, 2010.

International Artist Magazine Landscapes, Nov 17, 2010.
BoldBrush Entry deadline: Nov 30, 2010.

BoldBrush Entry deadline: Dec 31, 2010.

Bold Brush June 2010 Pastel Winners

There will be a few posts after my summer break that don’t sound like a news, but I would like to have those artists and events recorded on this blog.
The FineArtViews Painting Competition is now called Bold Brush painting competition. The Outstanding Pastel painting for June went to Margi Lucena who was in FAV15 for many months, and to the winner of May competition, Lisa Fricker.

The finalist who went into FAV15% with her pastel painting is:
Eden Compton

Pastel Society of North Florida Juried Exhibition 2010

"Lititia" Diana DeSantis
Diana DeSantis "Lititia"

The Pastel Society of North Florida has announced the call for the entries for the 11th biennial national (USA) juried exhibition. The entries must be received by August 15th and the prospectus can be found here. The show will take place in Niceville, Florida, USA, from October 22nd through December 2nd 2010. Margaret Dyer will be the Judge of Awards and she will be the workshop instructor.
The Best of Show pastel for 2008 was Diana DeSantis with the painting “Lititia” (on the left). Bill James took first place, second place was Melody Bogle, and the third place went to Cyndi Marble. To see these winning paintings, read the post from 2008 at the Pastel Journal blog.

Cecilia Watson won the Gallery Director’s award

Cecilia Watson "Shy Boy"
Cecilia Watson "Shy Boy"

You might remember Cecilia Watson from Spain, who has already been presented on this blog as a Get Dusty winner. Cecilia won the Gallery Director’s award this time at the Infinity Art Gallery Summer 2010 show. Here are the comments from the juror Julie Weismann:

Shy Boy, is beautifully composed.
Watson masterfully conveys the title of
this piece through this little guy’s eyes
and expression. I can feel myself
squatting down attempting to coax
him out from behind those safe legs.

The other pastel art that was accepted in the finals was by Sabina Haas, Switzerland, who you have also seen on this blog several times.

FineArtViews May 2010 Pastel Winners

Cuong Nguyen and Lisa Fricker.
Cuong Nguyen "Spring" .......................................... Lisa Fricker "Change"

The FineArtViews Painting Competition has announced the winners for May 2010. The Outstanding Pastel painting went to Cuong Nguyen and Lisa Fricker.

The finalist who went into FAV15% with their pastel paintings are:
Janis Krendick

Sandy Byers
Luverne Lightfoot
Bill James
Ruth Mann
Christy Perrine

The Pastel 100 – Abstract & Non-Objective 2010

The category Abstract & Non-Objective at The Pastel Journal 11th annual Pastel 100 Competition is the last one in this series. I hope you have enjoyed it as much as I did. All paintings and links to the artists will be stored on the Gallery page.
Gold medal for exelence: Jennifer Gardner
1. Judith Berk King
2. Pat Ross Marx
3. Vinita Jain
4. Diana Sanford
5. Leslie Kay Kuhn

Honorable mention: Gigi Horr Liverant , Elsie Dresch, Patricia Walker, Carrie Raeburn, Debora L. Stewart, Mary Pichette, Linda Sweeny, Leslie Kay Kuhn, Shelley Gorny Schoenherr, Roscoe E. Wallace, Louise Patinelli, Laurie Potter, Kari Feuer.

See the gallery with all Pastel 100 winners on this site.

The Pastel 100 – Still Life and Floral

Top pastel artists in the category Still Life and Floral at The Pastel Journal 11th annual Pastel 100 Competition. Check the left column and the Gallery page for the artworks that I got permission from the artists to be published.
PJ Grand Prize Sarah Blumenschein
1. Gertrude Abramson
2. Kathy Steckel
3. Anne McGrory
4. Brian Freeman
5. Peter Seltzer
Honorable mention: Ralph (Alex) Mirrington, Sangita Phadke, Rebecca Margolese-Malin, Bob Franklin, Karen Howard, Barbara S. Groff, Jeanne Crain Leemon, Ruth C. White, Sheila M. Evans, Becky Neideffer, Tim Reilly, Jim Gunter, Maceo W. Michell, Dianna Ponting.

See the gallery with all Pastel 100 winners on this site.

Northwest Pastel Society Members’ Exhibition 2010

Bill McEnroe B.C. Chess
Bill McEnroe

The Northwest Pastel Society is presenting Members’ Exhibition for 2010 on their website. The works will also hang in the Blue Horse Gallery, Bellingham, WA till May 26th. Members were asked to think “OUTSIDE THE BOX”, or take an experimental approached toward the work to be presented in this years’ show.
The Best of Show was pastel “B.C. Chess” by Bill McEnroe.
NPS Presidents’ Award: “Blue”, Denise Champion.
NPS Director’s Award: “Chit Chat”, Marcel Schwarb.
Miniature Category Award Winners:
1st Place Award: “A Lady From Wales” Paulette Johnson.
2nd Place Award: “Sun Kissed” Kari Tirrell.
3rd Place Award: “Colorful Canoes” Paulette Johnson.
The extensive list of awards is available as a pdf file, and on the Bleu Horse Gallery site A-K and L-Z.

And also don’t forget about the NPS open international exhibition.

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