Portrait of Mary Cassatt by Edgar Degas

Portrait of Mary Stevenson Cassatt by Edgar Degas

This is the portrait of Mary Cassatt made by Eduard Degas. Not much is known about Mary Cassatt’s relationship with Degas, as she burned all their correspondence before she died. However, it is generally assumed that the two were lovers, although nothing can be proved. What is certain is that the two painters had a close, sometimes turbulent, relationship over a period of forty years that ended with Degas’ death in 1917. Degas’ difficult nature often lead to periods of estrangement that could only be ended when mutual friends brought the two together again. It must have taken all Mary’s reserves of diplomacy to deal with Degas’ sometimes cruel nature.

Resource: Wetcanvas

Announced winners of the Facebook Autumn competition

Jennifer L Hoffman "Winding Through"

There is a new blog created to announce the winners of the free art challenge “the First Annual Autumn Arts Challenge and Contest”. The challenge was organized on the Facebook where participants were uploading their entries. There were surprisingly many pastel entries and organizers added pastels as one of the categories. The best of the show painting was in pastels as well.
The global event has ignited the interest of artists, galleries, and collectors. Hundreds of new original works were created during the month of October 2009 specifically for the Autumn Arts Challenge. read new blog

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