Main Course by Don Judah

Don Judah "Main Course"

Don Judah "Main Course"
Don Judah "Main Course"

Don Judah‘s painting First Course (in this post) was selected as an outstanding pastel painting at the November 2011 BoldBrush competition. Here is how Don describes his art.
“Art has always been my first love. My formal education in art was limited to high school and college elective classes and a few excursions into available classes in the evenings when time would permit. After my retirement from forty four years in health care, I have had the opportunity to return to drawings and painting and continue my education in art. Over the last four years I have returned to the study of art beginning with the most elementary drawing classes available. In this beginning period of my education I was fortunate to find a life drawing class that has offered me an opportunity to continue to develop my artistic talents and move into pastel figure drawing. I have a love of pastel and enjoy the process of developing a painting from a simple gesture composition, into a charcoal value drawing and finally into a finished pastel drawing. Drawing the human figure is most challenging and the most rewarding experience. The most extraordinary aspect of painting the human figure is that it is ever changing. There is always something new to be found, some subtle form or transition from one shape to another. Every person and every pose is different. The continuing challenge is to attempt to capture that special essence of every subject you draw or paint. As you may assume most of my work over the last few years is focused on figurative art. I just finished transforming a small barn into studio at my home in Napa and I plan to continue to learn and paint and appreciate the opportunity to begin a new adventure in the world of art.”

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Alberto Piedra Fernández

Alberto "Colorfull Thoughts"

Alberto "Colorfull Thoughts"
Alberto Piedra Fernandez "Colorfull Thoughts"

Alberto Piedra Fernández is a pastel artist from Spain. He studied laws and in his artistic beginnings he was self-thought but soon he explored and discovered a field of figurative art and realism in pastels by the hand of internationally renewed artist Abel Marquez from Argentina.
Alberto has received several international awards and recently had the Outstanding Pastel at Bold Brush competition.
He is a founding member of the Pastel Guild of Europe (PGE) and member of Spanish Pastel Society (ASPAS).

Pastel Artist: Paola Bassoli

Paola Bassoli "Tuareg"

Paola Bassoli developed passion for painting under the watchful eye of her grandfather who was also a painter. The search for the right expression of Paola’s personality has gone through every form of art, but neither watercolor nor drawing courses have fulfilled her full expression. She finally found her expression through the portraits and figures in oil and later developed an interest in pastels and charcoal, always applying the technique of tonal painting. Paola is an active member of art scene in Milan, Italy, and she continues the study between the U.S. and Italy. The painting in this post Touareg was the finalist in The Bold Brush Painting Competition in March.

Pastel Artist: Mary Ann Cherry

Mary Ann Cherry is a Master Signature member of the Women Artists of the West and a signature member of the Pastel Society of America. She is co-founder of the Pastel Society of the Northern Rockies and current president. She paints primarily in soft pastel or oils, working in a studio near the Snake River in Idaho, where wildlife and birds are abundant. Although comfortable with any subject matter, Cherry admits that wildlife and Native American dancers are her favorites. Cherry is a workshop instructor and offers an online critique service
The painting in this post Blur of Yellow was the finalist in The Bold Brush Painting Competition in January.

Pastel Artist: Lisa Mitchell

Lisa Mitchell received her formal art education at the Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore, concentrating her studies in Illustration and Graphic Design. She used to work as an illustrator creating storyboards and comprehensive illustrations for several leading advertising agencies in the Mid-Atlantic region. After that she began a twenty year career painting children’s portraits in her home based studio. Lisa expanded her focus to include landscapes, figures and still life subjects. She offers pastel instruction in her studio to a small group of artists. Lisa is a past President of the Maryland Pastel Society (2005 -2007) and currently serves on the board as the Web Site Administrator. She is a Signature Member of the Maryland Pastel Society, a Signature member of the Maryland Society of Portrait Painters, a member of the Portrait Society of America. Her painting in this post Dominique What’s On Your Mind? was the finalist in The Bold Brush Painting Competition in January.

Pastel Paintings from South East Asia

Isabelle V. Lim "Hong Kong Resident #10"

Isabelle V. Lim "Hong Kong Resident #10"
Isabelle V. Lim "Hong Kong Resident #10"

Isabelle V. Lim, PSA, is a Singapore artist. After having moved around South East Asia for two decades, she currently lives and paints full time in Hong Kong. The diverse subjects she chooses to paint are largely based on Asian art & culture. Isabelle believes that painting is all about colors. She is particularly intrigued by the costumes, head-dress and especially hand-embroidered shoes worn by Chinese women and children.
The painting above, Hong Kong Residents #10 was awarded the Finalist Outstanding Pastel at the Bold Brush Painting Competition in October 2010. Her shoes series, A Journey West #2 was awarded the Joyce Kelly Memorial Purchase Award at the 12th Biennial National Show in 2008 hosted by Degas Pastel Society.
You might have also spotted Isabelle as a finalist in the 17th IAPS Web Show with her painting Sunny Side Up #2.

Bold Brush Aug 2010 Pastel Winners

The Bold Brush Painting Competition is having more and more pastel paintings reaching the FAV15. The Outstanding Pastel painting went to Margaret Ferguson and Lisa Mitchell.

The following are pastel artists from FAV15%. Click on the name to see the painting:
Margi Lucena
Mary Aslin
Cuong Nguyen
Lisa Fricker
Jane McGraw-Teubner
Sandy Byers
Stephanie Birdsall
Margi Lucena
Patty Forte Linna

Upcoming Pastel Competition Deadlines

This is the list of approaching deadlines for the pastel competitions till the end of 2010. Not all of them are pastel only competitions, but they are popular and many pastelists participate. Please feel invited to comment and add more.

IAPS 2010 Web show Sep 15, 2010.
International Artist Magazine People and Figure, Sep 15, 2010.
BoldBrush Sep 30, 2010.

The Artist’s Magazine Over 60 Competition Oct 1, 2010
BoldBrush Oct 30, 2010.

International Artist Magazine Landscapes, Nov 17, 2010.
BoldBrush Entry deadline: Nov 30, 2010.

BoldBrush Entry deadline: Dec 31, 2010.

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