The Cookbook with Pastel Paintings

Marie-France OOsterhof Cookbook
Marie-France OOsterhof Cookbook

The readers of this blog might remember French pastel artist Marie-France OOsterhof as a winner of the several Get Dusty challenges. In this unique style cookbook Marie-France reveals little secrets for lovely dinners with family and friends. There are 20 simple recipes illustrated with her own original pastel artworks. Marie-France was the top 100 in the most famous amateur cooking contest in France. Written in both French and English, this is a small, exclusive print edition, signed by the author.
For more details and to order the book, contact artist through her website.

Bill Creevy in PSA Hall of Fame

Bill Creevy "Red Caddie"

Bill Creevy "Red Caddie"
Bill Creevy "Red Caddie"

Each year the Pastel Society of America selects an outstanding artist to be included in the Hall of Fame to honor his or her special achievements in pastel painting. The artist included this year (2011) was Bill Creevy, a widely exhibited New York artist with over twelve solo shows.
Originally a native of New Orleans, Bill holds an MFA degree from Louisiana State University and a BA degree from the University of New Orleans. Bill Creevy’s painting style is representational and he paints still lifes, landscapes and figures. He is the author of The Pastel Book, a thorough guide to pastel materials and techniques, with many stimulating demonstrations. This is a must read for pastel lovers and if you are interested in the book, first read an excellent book review by Katherine Tyrrell on her blog Making a Mark.

Elements of Painting with Crayons by John Russell

Here is the link on Google books to “Elements of Painting with Crayons” by John Russell from 1700s. It is an interesting booklet on 40 pages, especially when you consider when it was written. Do not expect fancy color paintings and be prepared to many spelling errors, most likely due to book digitizing software. Russell explains drawing basics, pastel application, approach to painting portraits and drapery. The last section covers materials and explains how to mix your own pastels.
Here are some excepts that might ignite your curiosity 🙂

“When the Student paints immediately from the life it will be most prudent to make a correct Drawing of the Outlines on another paper the size of the Picture he is going to paint which he may trace by the preceding method because erroneous strokes of the sketching Chalk will prevent the Crayons from adhering to the paper.”
“The Student will find the sitting posture with the box of Crayons in his lap the most convenient method for him to paint. The part of the Picture he is immediately painting should be rather below his face for if it is placed too high the arm will be fatigued.”
“Brilliant greens are produced with great difficulty. In Switzerland they have a method of making them far superior to ours. We usually take yellow Oker and after grinding it with spirits mix it with the powder of Prussian blue then temper it with a knife and lay the Crayons on the Chalk without rolling them.”

An Interview with Harley Brown

Harley Brown
Harley Brown

The August issue of the Pastel Scribbler is bringing an interview with Harley Brown. Harley is Canadian artist best known for his pastel portraits of Native American Indians and other characters of the Wild West. He is author of sold out bestsellers Confessions of a Starving Artist, Eternal Truth’s for Every Artist and Inspiration For Every Artist and is a regular contributor to International Artist Magazine. He is one of the living legends of the Soft Pastel Art and I warmly recommend reading this inspiring, 12 pages long interview.

Carole Katchen Pastel Demo

"of Course"

Carole Katchen has been a professional and successful artist and author for more than 40 years. You can find her work in private and public collections, including the collection of Bill Clinton, the former president of the United States. Carole has published 17 books, which have sold over 1 million copies and she has written numerous magazine articles for Cosmopolitan, Parents and several art magazines. She is also a Contributing Editor to The Artists Magazine and a featured columnist for International Artist. Carole uses all sorts of art mediums, but most of the time she uses soft pastels. On her website you can find an article about her technique and a couple of demos.

Below are links to a some of her books available at Amazon. If you wander why I give links on the Amazon, it is because I get a 4% commission from any sales done through my Soft Pastel Store or through the provided links :).

Express Yourself With Pastel
200 Great Painting Ideas for Artists
How to Get Started Selling Your Art
Figure Drawing Workshop
Creative Painting With Pastel

Featured Pastel Artist: Alan Flattmann

Alan Flattmann was born in New Orleans and attended the John McCrady Art School there. Alan is an exceptional artist whose work is filled with the rich imagery of the world as he sees it. For me he is one of the greatest living pastel artists. With a keen sense of history and place, he has traveled the world with his pastels, ready to let the continuity of time, tradition, and landscape speak to his imagination. Though he has gained a considerable following for his paintings of Caribbian and Mediteranian landscapes and people, Flattmann always returns home to his native New Orleans and the French Quarter for renewed inspiration. His Franch Quarter Impressions reveal the artist’s continuing love affair with a place that has tempered his work and his view of the world.
In 2006, the PSA honored Alan’s outstanding art by inducting him into the PSA Hall of Fame. He is the recipient of the IAPS Master Circle Award and is the founder and current president of the Degas Pastel Society.
His work is the subject of three books, Alan Flattmann’s French Quarter Impressions (2002), The Art of Pastel Painting (1987-92) and The Poetic Realism of Alan Flattmann (1980). Check the preview of these Alan’s books. His work has also been featured in many major art publications and the latest I found is the cover page of the Best of America Pastel Artists Vol II. To see more of Alan’s work visit Bryant Gallery Website.

The Google Books Preview

Alan Flattmann "Opening Hours at Bryant Galleries"

The Google Books is offering preview of some very fine pastel and other art books. I have found a couple that might interest pastel artists. You can have a preview and then decide if you would like to have it. The first 20 to 40 pages are offered for the following pastel books:

The Art of Pastel Painting by Alan Flattmann
French Quarter Impressions by Alan Flattmann
Pastel Workbook: A Complete Course in 10 Lessons By Jackie Simmonds
The best of pastel 2 By Kristina Feliciano
On Location: Plein Air Painting In Pastel By Richard McDaniel

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