Pastel Artists Canada Annual Online Exhibition

Kathy Hildebrandt "Things Go Better With"
Kathy Hildebrandt “Things Go Better With”

Pastel Artists Canada 4th Annual Member Juried Online Exhibition December 2016
Juror: Roberta Combs PAC, MPAC

Award Winners:
First Place: Kathy Hildebrandt
Second Place: Jessica Masters
Third Place: Kristen Vignal
Honorable Mentions Beth Bouffard
Honorable Mentions Maria Ivanova
Honorable Mentions Catherine Sheppard

All accepted entries can be found on the Pastel website

Dominique Bisson Winner of Les Pastellistes International 2011

Dominique Bisson "Le temps des lilas"

Dominique Bisson "Le temps des lilas"
Dominique Bisson "Le temps des lilas"

Pastel Society of Eastern Canada 16th edition of Les Pastellistes International Exhibition selected by jury was held from November 4th to 13th, 2011. The top prizes were awarded to the following artists
1. Dominique Bisson, Le temps des lilas (see the painting above)
2. Carmen Caron-Lafrance, Artifices
3. Danielle Richard, Petite fleur
4. Siddick Nuckcheddy (île Maurice), Solitude sinistre
5. Mary Dorland, Here Come the Brides

Featured Pastel Artist: Dan F. Gray

Dan F. Grey Collage

Dan F. Gray Collage
Dan F. Gray Collage

Dan F. Gray is an artist from Canada and he has worked in soft pastel since 1975. The great majority of his portfolio are an plein air landscapes of British Columbia, Canada, together with motorcycles and cars blended in colorful nature. He has very recognizable style and at least for me there is some similarity between Dan’s landscapes and some of the James Whistler’s Venice pastel works. Dan had a couple of interesting projects, he was following 2010 Winter Olympic games in Vancouver with his pastel paintings and I especially like his project “2010 Figures” in year 2010. Dan was a host for Canada’s Master Pastelists Exhibition earlier this year and there was already a post about it.

Dan is one of Canada’s leading practitioners of the pastel medium, winner of the Silver Pastel Plate and a Plaque of Distinction from the Canadian Pastel Society. His work has been presented in many newspapers and magazines including Pastel Journal in 2008. On his website you can find 3 very instructional demos.

Canada’s Master Pastelists Exhibition

D.F.Gray "Qualicum Heat"

D.F.Gray "Qualicum  Heat"
D.F.Gray "Qualicum Heat"

The place to visit for pastel lovers in Canada this summer will for sure be Qualicum Beach on Vancouver Island, British Columbia. D.F. Gray has assembled pastels from private collections from various historical Canadian master pastelists and invited 18 contemporary Canadian artists working with soft pastel along with some of his recent pastels. The show will be open July 18th through August 14th, and there will be more than a week of workshops and events. This looks like a big undertaking and I hope we’ll see more pastel events like this around the world. Thank you Dan and everyone else involved!
More info can be found on Dan’s website.

Featured Pastel Artist: Dianna Ponting

If you are a soft pastel artist it is very unlikely that you haven’t come across Dianna Ponting. Dianna is an award winning Canadian artist and lecturer who excels in soft pastels. She is an elected member of the Pastel Society of America and holds Senior Signature status in the Federation of Canadian Artists.
Dianna’s use of light, shadow and her ability to denote texture results in nothing less than a stunning art.
Dianna is an international artist and pastel instructor with students and patrons in both North America and Europe. If she comes close to your place don’t miss her. The list of workshops can be found on her website and you can join her Facebook fan page.
Dianna is a regular contributor to Wet Canvas and the first time I saw her work I was overwhelmed. Her ability to make realistic paintings is hard to match. You can try out her licorice candies lecture on Wetcanvas.

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