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Judy’s Pastel Tutorials

Judy is a pastel artist who is behind a blog iwant2draw and a youtube channel with many pastel tutorials. There are many interesting subjects, and if you like Yoda from Star Wars, Iron Man, Manga characters or want to know how to enhance your pastel painting with a Photoshop, check the blog. Her video below is a pastel drawing of Canadian pop singer Justin Bieber.

Featured Pastel Artist: Tony Allain

Tony Allain
was born and raised in the Channel Islands (English Channel) where he thought artĀ from 1987 until 1992. He lived some time in Cornwall, UK and after a recent trip to New Zealand he fell in love with the country and is now working and living there.
Tony is a painter of light and movement, and the subjects are ranging from marine and landscapes, town and street scenes through to still life. His painting has a brisk impressionist style, which is suited to the use of pastels. What I like the most about his art is the combination of gray and brilliant colors, together with the simplified scenes and interesting design.
Since January 1st 2010 Tony set a task to paint one small painting a day and post them on a blog. I was delighted after a recent discovery that he publishes paintings in big enough size where all strokes and details are clearly visible. Tony mostly works on the Canson Mi-Teintes paper and uses pastels on the softer side like Unison, Schminke and Sennelier. There is a nice 3 step demo on his blog from January 2010 (bottom of the page). He is a member of New Zealand Academy of Fine Arts and the Pastel Association of New Zealand. His work is regularly featured in The Artist and Leisure Painter and the Pastel Journal.

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