Meet Sue Jones


Sue Jones is a UK born artist hailing from the county of Shropshire, who this year won the SAA’s coveted June Atherton Award for beginners. Her achievement in landing this international award was made all the more surprising for her by the fact that she is a self taught artist who hadn’t even touched a pastel, or indeed any other medium, until two years ago. Her winning painting was produced from her own photograph of her cat, Abby. Sue specialises in paintings of wildlife animals and domestic pets, and is hoping that her art will one day allow her to wave goodbye to the day job.

Click on this image to see all its beauty.

IAPS 17th Statistics

This is the basic statistics from the recent IAPS 17th web show. I will not attend to comment data since the statistics is always prone to different interpretations. The great majority of the PSA members also have their local pastel societies and that is the confusing moment in this statistic, but for the simplicity sake I treat them as any other society.
72 paintings in the finals out of 850 entries.
27 Societies have representatives in the finals, out of 70 registered as IAPS member.
The Pastel Society of America is the absolute winner with 21 pastels, and 7 of those are in the top 9.
More than one painting is coming from West Coast PSWC (6), Southeastern (5), Canada (4), Colorado (3), Connecticut (3), Maryland (3), Great Lakes (2), New Mexico (2), Maine (2), Adirondack (2), San Diego (2), Mid America (2). There are 12 more societies with one representative.
66 paintings are by USA artists, 4 from Canada, 1 from Europe (Sweden), 1 from Australia.
Landscapes (22), Portrait and Figure (20), Still Life and floral (19), Animals (10), Abstract(1).
My favorite non-awarded paintings on the above collage are from Ted Fuka, Mike Beeman, Colleen Caubin and Donna Yeager.
It would be good to hear your comments on this stats and how you like the exhibited works.

Ruth Mann Won the “Get Dusty” contest

Ruth Mann "Watching"

The Pastel Guild of Europe has announced the winner of the monthly challenge. The theme for January 2010 was Animals – wild life. You can find all the entries in the gallery here.
Ruth Mann has re-discovered art just over 2 years ago and soon realized that the soft pastels were the right medium for her. She has done mainly wildlife and animal art so far but she is trying a lots of different subjects and developing her style with the help of two art classes and the internet forums. Ruth is married and lives in rural parts of Norfolk, England with her husband, dog and cat. She still does not have the web presence, but is working on it.

Update: Ruth Mann website.

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